Tarot Pages Have Become Students in That Afro Drip Tarot

Tarot Pages Have Become Students in That Afro Drip Tarot

Getting started with tarot card can be both exciting and overwhelming. Learning seventy-eight sets of meanings and keywords is no small task, which is why many people choose to go to professional tarot readers with their questions rather than read for themselves. 

Both approaches are valid. Sometimes having a pro give their insight into whatever query you’re bringing will bring ah-ha moments that wouldn’t happen otherwise. That being said, there’s nothing like being able to grab your deck and get guidance from Spirit any time you need it. 

But some of the hardest cards to understand - in my opinion - can be the court cards. These are also known as the face cards in some decks. I’ve even heard them compared to characters in a story, or other people in our lives. I like to think of them as archetypes of universal human traits that live in all of us, though to different degrees. 

The first rank of the tarot courts are traditionally known as the Pages. In That Afro Drip Tarot, they’ve been renamed the Students. You work with these cards when they come up in a reading by combining the traits of their rank with the traits of the suit they come from. 

Students, or Pages, represent curiosity and a naive or beginners mindset. They’re sometimes associated with messages or communication. Being the first rank, they have the least experience with life and can be blissfully unaware of the consequences of their actions. 

There’s also an elemental association with this rank in addition to the elemental association of the suits. Pages are often (but not always) associated with the Earth element, making them grounded and slow to change despite their naïveté. Think about a stubborn child or teenager. Even the smartest and most agreeable among them can act like they know it all even when wiser, more experienced minds can see they have so much more learning to do. 

So, how does this help you in tarot readings? 

Let’s say you’re asking a question about improving your habits, such as, “What do I need to be aware of regarding my schedule in the next few months?” If you received the Student of Scepters (Page of Wands) in response, you might interpret that as a need to schedule and prioritize time for things you find fun and invigorating. It might help you to see that you’re putting too much emphasis on other areas and not giving yourself time to feel good for feeling good’s sake. When you make time to do things that feel good, you have more energy and a better headspace to take care of everything else. 

But let’s say you got the Student of Blades (Page of Swords) instead. This Student is the most cautious and analytical of the four. In a literal sense, blades cut. So the takeaway could be that you have too much on your plate and need to give some serious thought to cutting down the things you have in your routine to the essentials. Alternatively, because the suit of Blades is associated with the mind and communication, this could be a message that time for things like reading, writing, and studying should be prioritized in the next few months to help you achieve your larger goals. 

These are just a couple of examples but I hope you can see how the Pages/Students don’t have to be difficult to break down and apply in your readings. Every interpretation will be unique and that’s the beauty of tarot. I believe it helps the individual get the right message for them, whether that’s through a professional or a personal reading. 

Combine what you know about the rank with what you know about the suit and you’re well on your way! 

Happy reading everyone! 

Shaniqua ❤️

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