That Afro Drip Tarot

A black tarot deck made, "For us, by us." Representation matters. Tarot decks should reflect the people who use them. For too long, black tarot decks have been few and far between. Let's change that by expanding the tarot world to include that unique Afro Drip!

Use this site to pre-order your deck, or make bulk purchase pre-orders. The pre-order period was originally from October 15th, 2023, to January 15th, 2024, but has been extended to February 29th, 2024!!!

Shipping will commence in March 2024.

  • AKA Wands

    The suit of fire, the Scepters show energy, passion, and action!

  • AKA Cups

    The suit of water, the Vessels show intuition, relationships, and emotion.

  • AKA Swords

    The suit of air, the Blades show words, thoughts, communication, and mental activity.

  • AKA Pentacles

    The suit of earth, the blades show material resources like money, time, and health.

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